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In order to create real-world public health impact from the huge volumes of data generated by sequencing, we offer training programs that build skills in bioinformatics, genetics, and infectious disease.

Our approach

Training through MalariaGEN is built to give participants the skills and knowledge required to tackle real-world problems. We consult with experts and invite varied guest lecturers to discuss the latest technologies. Working with a team of teaching assistants and instructors, we give each participant the support they need to succeed.


Latest training programmes

MalariaGEN-PAMCA Anopheles genomic surveillance training programmme (Virtual, 2022-2024)
An introduction to the basics of data analysis for genomic surveillance, with particular reference to African malaria vectors


Much of MalariaGEN’s training to date has focused on building bioinformatics skills to understand and use our large datasets.

Access parasite data
Access vector data


Meet Paballo Chauke, MalariaGEN’s Training Coordinator. He works with partners around the world to understand their genomics knowledge needs and helps develop training courses that fit.